Oh hai! o/ Popping out of nowhere just because. n.n

This is like a notice, sort of.. which I should have done a long time ago D:

I wouldn't post on this journal anymore (with the exception of fan accounts I need to share in the future didn't even get the chance to make fan accounts when I saw 2AM and 2PM last year and had fansigns from ZE:A a few months back OTL and different kinds of rants like about my biases being bashed *coughKIBUMcough* etc.) The sole purpose of this journal now is for reading and comment around omtd or fanfics.

However, I am not closing my doors to meeting new friends!! Just like the two people whom I've met recently. bumie and freeindeed7 whom both are Kibum biases!! SJ's Kibum. :))

If you want to talk or spazz with me with regards to fandoms or anything under the sun, you could bug me over twitter or at tumblr I do not bite. And I love to talk to youuuuu :3 Just tell me you're from here tho.

 As of now I have SJ (main bias), B1A4, Beast, Infinite, MBLAQ as my fandoms and a long long list of biases on groups not only in my fandoms but in most of kpop's idol groups. I'm more of a general fan tbh but I have no enough knowledge on rookies. There're just too many of them. orz 

So yeah. See you around! ^^

PS. Oh. Today's the 2nd anniversary of SS2 Manila. One epic night for my fangirl life. The day I had a minfucking moment with LEE DONGHAE. teehee :3



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Nothing to locked here, though. Except my major fail rants. Hahaha.
So, this will serve as a spam page! YEY!
"Wanna spam? Spam here."
Let's talk about anything under the sun. Wooot~

Wanna know me more?Collapse )

[FAN ACCOUNT] Best birthday gift this year: B1A4 ♥

So hi? I'm back with a new fan account.^^

Recently, I flew to Malaysia for my birthday trip AND to attend this OneFM The One event. :D Of course I wouldn't attend it if not for kpop idols: A Pink and B1A4. (Thanks to my wonderful media friend for making this possible. You know who you are ♥)

Oh yeah, this will be a three-day fan account. 120928-120930 So this is pretty long. :D

So off to the fan account ^^Collapse )

기해 ♥

보고있나, 김기범  ;; 120317
기범아, 그리워 ;; 120414




You're the only hobo I can tolerate. No matter how my heart aches for your MIA years, I still can't find myself getting angry at you. There's no reason for me to hate you. You are still Kibum, the Kibum I knew the moment I became an ELF.

I know you are happy in whatever that's making you busy right now. I just want you to know that I will support you no matter what. I will still wait for the day you'd join the rest of your brothers on stage. It'll be a magical day for us, the fans.

And look, you tweeted in surprise that it's already your birthday. You must've felt that you were so WANTED by people. lol. It's daebak that you're on top of the trending list too. ^^ Oh the little things ELF do to make you feel you're still special in our hearts.


I just love how Heechul greeted Kibum. He should've mentioned him though so Kibum could reply to him. lol


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